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Maintaining a home properly takes lots of energy, time and know how. We specialize in helping you maintain your home on either a customized schedule, or on an as-needed basis.


Different factors influence home maintenance decisions e.g. out of town visitors, discovering a leak, family wedding, selling your home, and standard upkeep and care.


We will start out by walking your home and property to identify areas or items that need regular maintenance, as well as those that need to be addressed immediately to prevent a costly repair.

Most home owners lean toward crisis management, the most expensive strategy. KHS offers a proactive solution. Saving you time, saving you money, and maintaining the beauty, life and value of your home. 

Simplify your Life

The cornerstone of our maintenance service is your Home Inspection Report. Your report outlines needed maintenance and recommendations for repair.


We then sit down with you and review in detail your Home Inspection Report, and create a "priority list" that identifies a strategy that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget.


We can then provide you with DIY coaching, subcontractor referrals, and/or estimates for service.


Customized Home Inspection    


Saving you time

 Saving you money

Maintaining the beauty,

life and value of your



 We give you the extra time to spend on things more enjoyable and important to you.


Think of all the items in your life that are on a preventive maintenance program:


Your automobiles... regular oil changes, fluid level checks, brake inspections, tire rotations


Your computers... virus detection and security, hardware  maintenance and upgrades


Even yourself!... Dental and physical check-ups, healthy diet and vitamin supplements


Why should your home be any different? The KHS preventive maintenance program is geared to the long term care of your home.

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